Elly Schlein, “Speak Like You Eat”: Mayor’s Attack

It was Lilli Gruber who raised the issue and many followed suit. Elly Schlein, secretary of the Democratic Party, uses language that does not reach voters. It was precisely the presenter of Otto e mezzo, La 7’s in-depth journalistic program, who unleashed a flood of criticism: “You said, speaking of Lampedusa, that it is a demonstration of the failure of the government’s outsourcing policies. who do you understand if she talks like that?”, asked the journalist live. Now, the latest outburst comes from a mayor of his camp. Toni Matarrelli, president of the Chamber of Mesagne, underlined the need for clarity: “To find your people , the Democratic Party must speak clearly.”

A caustic letter is the interview given by Toni Matarrelli to the newspaper Il Fatto. Recipient Elly Schlein. “Sometimes we speak for the joy of being misunderstood. All of us on the left must talk about how we eat,” said the Democratic mayor. “There is a collective vice – he continued – I don’t know why, but when we are in public we start to speak independently of positions of importance and hierarchy, in such a horrible way.” And further: “We use incompressible language, thus giving a punch in the face of those who listen to us, we distance ourselves from those who we would like to vote for.” The mayor concluded with a blow aimed at the leader of the Democratic Party: “The left should start by showing itself to be friendly to the citizens, our problem is to establish a call. Dear Schlein, it’s time to talk about how you eat.”

Source: IL Tempo