Search Now, surprise in seven days: sensational collapse on the left

Exactly one year ago, the center-right won the political elections on September 25th, a historic day that, after a few weeks, became the government majority with Giorgia Meloni at Palazzo Chigi. What do Italians think? Based on the Emg-Different survey published by Agorà, on Rai 3, it should be anything but negative, given that the coalition of parties that constitute the majority has grown in relation to electoral data. That said, recorded voting trends place Fratelli d’Italia in the lead with 27.5 percent, an increase of two decimal places compared to seven days ago. Elly Schlein’s Democratic Party continues to decline, reaching around 20 percent (-0.1), now one step away from saying goodbye to the psychological threshold of twenty. What is surprising is Giuseppe Conte’s 5 Star Movement, which does even worse: it loses 0.3% and falls to 15.9%.

Matteo Salvini’s League is growing, rising from 9 to 9.3 percent since last week. Forza Italia drops to 6.5 percent (-0.3) while Azione holds steady at 4.6. Followed by Italia Viva 3.9% (+0.1), Italexit con Paragon 2.9% (+0.2). And again Sinistra Italiana-Europa Verde 2.6%, +Europa 2.4%, Noi Moderati 1.5%, all stable, Unione Popolare (De Magistris) 1.0% (-0.1), while the share of undecided voters with the galaxy without the right to vote registered an eloquent 46.5 percent.

Source: IL Tempo