Migrants, Salvini increases his stance against Germany: “Shame and hostile act”

“It is a shame, an outrage and a hostile act that foreign countries finance foreign private associations to bring illegal immigrants to Italy.” The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport and Deputy Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini, has no intention of lowering his tone, apart from the inauguration of the fifth lane of the A8 ‘Milano-Laghi’ motorway between Milan North and Lainate, in what he says I respect Berlin’s financial support for NGOs involved in rescuing migrants by sea. And this is how the dose against Germany increases: «It is as if Italy finances associations in France, Germany, or who knows where to facilitate irregularities, I hope that the German government stops financing those who participate in an unacceptable flow of irregular immigrants in our country. country”.

«Punts and boats are not the future – explained the minister – they are a risk of death for thousands of people, as they are now pieces of iron thrown into the sea without any respect for human life. If Germany cares, it should welcome those who are actually fleeing war and not finance private associations that violate Italian regulations and borders.”

During the morning, Salvini returned to the subject, discussing with Berlin on Instagram after the surprise was filtered by the Italian reactions to the financing: «Foreign governments, which finance foreign private associations, to fill Italy with illegal immigrants. Shameful, unacceptable.”

Source: IL Tempo