Calabria, a fire pulverizes the house of Governor Occhiuto

A fire damaged the seaside home of the president of the Calabria region, Roberto Occhiuto. He himself made it known by publishing a video on Facebook, in which it is possible to see images of the damage to the exterior of the house, which is located in Belvedere Marittimo, in the province of Cosenza. «My house suffered a fire on the night of Friday to Saturday. It is probably a vegetation fire although it is strange that it was started here, a few meters from the house – says Occhiuto, showing the area affected by the flames – it was certainly started by someone who stupidly sets the fire in a negligent or malicious way. However, I move on, the campaign continues. It is not easy to counter the stupidity of those who cause fires throughout the region, but we move forward, we do not allow ourselves to be intimidated.”

«My house, like that of many other Calabrians, was damaged by the stupidity of those who set fires even at night to evade controls and make extinguishing difficult. Let us move forward, more determined than before, against these criminals”, words from the Calabrian governor in the social post denouncing it.

Source: IL Tempo