Vittorio Feltri against Roberto Saviano: why the left is hypocritical

For the left, even the boss’s daughter Messina Denaro becomes a political battlefield. That’s why Roberto Savino attacks the young woman, who is only guilty of being the daughter of her recently deceased boss. In the columns of “Il Giornale”, editorial director Vittorio Feltri unmasks it, highlighting how the sins of parents cannot and should not fall on their children. “I believe it is unfair to publish in the newspapers the photo of Lorenza Alagna – wrote Feltri – daughter of Franca Maria Alagna and Matteo Messina Denaro, who never recognized her, perhaps to keep her safe from the doomed fate of those who bear a certain name, until the moment of his death, when the boss gave his daughter his surname and she accepted it, probably to return to that hereditary axis from which she would have remained outside”.

This is how Feltri hits the false feminist Saviano: “With the intention of explaining the mafia to us – continues Feltri in his editorial – Saviano tells us the very particular existence of a young woman who is not to blame, who did nothing wrong, but who evidently She is guilty, according to Saviano, of being the daughter of Matteo Messina Denaro. But feminist Roberto Saviano didn’t take all of this into account. For him, it was more important to expose in the newspaper the underwear of a woman guilty of having agreed to be called Lorenza Messina Money. By what right does Saviano give us the sexual details of Lorenza’s life? With what right does he tell us that even her father considered her cheerful, someone who “only understands the c…”, With what right does he publicly dirty her in this way, painting her as a slut. I am horrified by the double standards and hypocrisy of the left, for which “not all women are equal”, as Laura Boldrini declared a few months ago, rejecting Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati’s candidacy for the Hill. If the faux-feminist Saviano wants to write about sex, write an erotic novel and don’t violate the privacy of a woman who, by the way, hasn’t committed any crime.”

Source: IL Tempo