Migration emergency, German hypocrisy about NGOs

The Humanity 1 is a 1976 cargo ship approximately 60 meters long. It flies the German flag, like most NGOs that bring migrants to Italy, and is part of the organization SOS Humanidade, born in January 2022 from the detachment of the German branch of SOS Mediterranee. It made headlines a few days ago when Germany revealed funding of 780,000 euros to conduct its operations at sea. A decision that greatly angered Prime Minister Meloni, who asked Chancellor Scholz for explanations. What the German government has forgotten to remember is the ongoing tug of war between this NGO and the Italian authorities. A clash that over the last year also led to the announcement of two legal actions against our country’s measures, without forgetting a complaint to the European Commission to speak out against the NGO decree of December 29th. In short, on the one hand it sues Italy, on the other it receives money from Germany. Without the slightest embarrassment on the part of the executive led by Olaf Scholz.

The first confrontation with the Italian authorities dates back to last November. It was the beginning of the month when the German-flagged ship docked in the port of Catania. Permission was granted for 145 migrants out of 179 to disembark. The remainder had to remain on board as they were all healthy adult men and therefore not considered at risk. At that point, the captain refused to leave again, violating an interministerial decree for a temporary stop. After three days, the remaining 34 refugees were also released. For all of this, the NGO announced legal action and appeal to the TAR. In February, the Court of Catania ruled that that interministerial decree was illegitimate. Another legal action was announced shortly after, last April, when the NGO declared a battle against the decree that obliges these ships to go to the port assigned to them. In this specific case, he did not want to go to Ravenna, which was considered too far away. In addition to SOS Humanity, Mission Life-line and Sea Eye also appealed to the civil court in Rome.

The direct confrontation with Italy does not end here. The NGO funded by the German government, together with Asgi, Emergency, Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam Italy, filed a complaint with the European Commission to request an examination of the Italian law regarding migration flows. What didn’t suit him? It is written in black and white: «The new Italian law requires boats to proceed without delay to the designated port after the first rescue operation, thus limiting action in providing assistance to other boats in difficulty. The rule obliges captains to provide the Italian authorities with unspecified information about the rescue carried out, leading to a request for excessive information.” This battle against the rules launched by the Italian government did not create any embarrassment in Berlin when it decided to cancel the check for 780 thousand euros.

Source: IL Tempo