Pd, the cold war continues between De Luca and Schlein: the fate of Campania

“Friends never, for those who seek each other like us”, sang Antonello Venditti. Well, this maxim could somewhat summarize the relationship between Elly Schlein and Vincenzo De Luca. They examine each other, they look for each other and, each with their own horizons, they follow their own path. But they don’t like each other and have never liked each other. In her inauguration speech, the secretary of the Democratic Party suggested a kind of restoration. Get rid of the party bigwigs who impede the rush to progressivism and concern for human rights. And they’ve been stuck there for years, always clinging to the armchair. Here, as the Corriere della Sera feature article written by Fabrizio Roncone reports, certainly among Schlein’s favorite targets was also, and above all, one could say, the governor of the Campania region.

De Luca has been there for two terms and has every intention of running for a third. After all, he said this a few months ago, without caring about the thoughts of the leader and those within the Democratic Party who would ultimately like him excluded: “De Luca will do what he wants, he will not wait for anyone’s permission.” Yes, talking about yourself in the third person denotes self-esteem and confidence in your own abilities beyond the normal limit. On the other hand, however, the president of Campania has always been an unconventional character and is ready to fight for his position at Palazzo Santa Lucia even in solitude. However, until March 2026, when the next regional elections should be held, he will continue to be a fish out of water in a party led by a person who no longer wants him. And he always showed him that.

Like when, after their first meeting last June in Naples, after the Article I assembly, Elly Schlein didn’t exactly leave with a clear face. And he immediately took revenge, demoting his son Piero De Luca from deputy leader of the Senate to secretary of the Chamber. Meanwhile, Schlein has other things to think about, besides the rebellious De Luca, who does not submit to the party’s dictates. And it is the fact that the popular consensus in the polls is not progressing, in fact, it is slowly falling below the 20% threshold. Italians do not understand their positions on key issues, and in the run-up to the European elections, this is not a good sign.

Source: IL Tempo