Petro questions the CNE’s decisions and asks for electoral guarantees

Through his X account, as usual, the president Gustavo Petro spoke about the decisions that the National Electoral Council regarding the withdrawal of candidacies for local elections.

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In concrete terms, the head of state questioned the decisions regarding the government’s departments Valle del Cauca and Santander, as well as in the city Saint Martha.

“Political alternatives have been struck during the local elections. What has happened in the Valley, in Santander, in Sta Marta, is the shameless reduction of local politics to the traditional layers of Colombian politics by embraces the free will of the peoplethe president wrote.

In the same publication, Petro assures that it is necessary to immediately name the highest authority for electoral guarantees, and in a second post he cites the result of a survey by La Silla Vacía in the Valley, in which Tulio Gomez, president of America and who aspired to the governorship, is close to Dilian Francisca Toro of the U party (32.4%), with a percentage of 27.7% of voting intentions.

“You understand what is happening,” the president concludes in his publication, suggesting that the decisions of the electoral authority are aimed at eliminating some candidates.

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In recent hours, the National Electoral Council has withdrawn the candidacies of Tulio Gómez for the governorship of Valle del Cauca, for the Valle 2.0 Coalition, composed of the Colombian Ecologists Party, En Marcha and Alianza Verde; that of Petro’s former contender in the presidential race, Rodolfo Hernández, to the Governorate of Santander, for his party League of Anti-Corruption Rulers; and in Santa Marta the candidacy of Fuerza Ciudadana for mayor of Patricia Caicedosister of the current governor of Magdalena, Carlos Caicedo.

Source: El Heraldo