Piazzapulita, Formigli is happy with the poll: Mannheimer freezes him like this

Piazzapulita, Formigli is happy with the poll: Mannheimer freezes him like this

The European elections no longer seem so far away and attention returns to the polls. Renato Mannheimer presented the Eumetra research during the Thursday, September 28th episode of Piazzapulita, on La7. The picture is what we know: the first Fratelli d’Italia party with a great advantage over the Democratic Party. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s party is at 28.9%, while Elly Schlein’s Democratic Party is at 19.7%. Giuseppe Conte’s 5-Star Movement is at 16.8%, while Matteo Salvini’s League is worth 9.8%. Forza Italia is at 6.7%, followed by Azione (3.9%), Verdi-Sinistra (3.4%) and Italia Viva (2.9%).

If we consider the coalitions, explains the researcher, the center-right is at 46.1 percent, a hypothetical center-left including also Grillini and Carlo Calenda would be at 42: “The center-right is far ahead in the country”, for a recovery of the center-left can only be hoped for “in the undecided and the abstentionists”.

Host Corrado Formigli is happy with one fact: Italians’ negative opinions of Giorgia Meloni (53.8) are higher than positive ones (46.2). Here too Mannheimer invites us not to open the champagne: “The number, however, is not bad, Mario Draghi at the time was more inclined, but many others (Prime Minister, ed.) were below 46 percent”. Among center-right voters, 81 percent give a positive opinion, but even among those on the left “there are 14 percent who judge Meloni positively, and that’s a lot”. The government’s opinion is slightly more negative than that of the prime minister. The issues on which Italians are more severe than the government are actions on immigration and security: “People have a very good image of Meloni, but on concrete issues like immigration there are difficulties”, explains Manheimer.

The latest signal from the Eumetra inquiry concerns people on the centre-right: what should the government do now? The positions with the highest percentages are those according to which Meloni should maintain his current policy or apply a more “identitarian” line; from the right. The portion of those who want a more moderate government is a minority.

Source: IL Tempo