If there is gas for seven years, why was there rationing in the Caribbean?: Name

The independent lawmaker recalled here that Canacol a few days ago and from one moment to the next, “what is the most serious, informs the country that it is going to impose restrictions on its services, and this is the same company that was attacked by the SIC for alleged bad actors.” management, and this company says on August 8 that it will not be able to comply and the industry will be left without gas, and that will hurt our farmers because fertilizers cannot be produced without gas.

He warned about it Yam that we have had gas in the country “for 7.2 years according to a report last December, that is a warning for us to explore more gas and that offshore discoveries become reality so that we do not run out of gas, because gas from the regasification plant, imported, costs $20, while our gas costs $6.

And he wondered in this section: “If we have gas for seven years, how is it possible that we have rationing in the Caribbean? Moreover, this company does not adhere to social works, Canacoland they start rationing gas, that’s not serious, and there’s no way there isn’t an open investigation into this case.”

He concluded that ‘the total demand from the coast is 380 million cubic feet per day, Canacol has 8 percent of the total reserves and has 383 million cubic feet per day in contracts, and it is a crime to go out and sell what They want. doesn’t have it, but the UPME says it is 225 million cubic feet and production is 163 million cubic feet, who is lying here? If they control Canacol, the next big scandal will come in this country and transnationally, because investors will also be affected Canada“.

Source: El Heraldo