European Parliament, the left tries to foist our assets on us

Unable to introduce it in Italy, the left tries it in Europe. Let’s talk about the wealth tax, so dear to the Democratic Party that it has never stopped thinking about it. The demonstration came yesterday from the European Parliament, where part of the Democratic Party voted in favor of an amendment by the Left (the left-wing group in Strasbourg) that intended to introduce the wealth tax. It must be said right away: the attempt was frustrated.

See how it went. The change in question was attached to the review of the Union’s multiannual financial framework 2021-2027. The text recalled that “more than a third of Europeans regularly limit the amount of food they consume” and that “the wealth of the richest in the world, equal to 0.5% of the population, has increased by 35% in the last ten years”. . Reasons considered valid enough to invite the Commission chaired by Ursula von der Leyen and the Member States “to introduce a European wealth tax, which could generate more than 200 billion euros for the EU’s own resources”. The PD MEPs who voted in favor were five, including the head of the delegation Brando Benifei. The other supporters of the European wealth tax are Pietro Bartolo, who became famous as a pro-migrant doctor from Lampedusa, the former mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia, Camilla Laureti, member of the party’s national secretariat and very loyal to Elly Schlein, and Massimiliano Smeriglio, vice-president of the Lazio Region with Zingaretti from 2013 to 2019. Other democratic MEPs, nine to be exact, spoke out against, two others did not vote. The result is yet another split in the Democratic Party, which even in Europe is unable to express a common position. Three other European honorary members also spoke in favor, all former M5S members who are now independent members of the Green group: Ignazio Corrao, Rosa D’Amato and Piernicola Pedicini. The five Democrats who supported the estate bill must have thought they were fulfilling Schlein’s wishes.

It’s no mystery what the secretary thinks. «The issue of large properties – she repeated several times – must be approached from a redistributive perspective, based on the alignment of taxes on inheritances and donations at the level of other large European countries». One of its strong points is the residential tax: «The idea of ​​lowering taxes for everyone hides the desire to lower them for the rich, leaving the poor without resources and services. This executive does nothing regarding financial and real estate income, which is taxed less than those who work or do business,” she thundered in recent months. The attempted invasion of the EU Parliament did not go unnoticed. «In addition to the modern, moderate and reformist left, emphasize League MEPs Matteo Gazzini and Valentino Grant, members of the Budget committee – Today a large part of the Democratic Party throws away the mask and votes in favor of an amendment to the proposed property tax request by the far left of the EU. Incredible but true, numerous MEPs from the Democratic Party and the Greens voted in favor of amendment 7 to the MFF (financial framework review, ed.) presented by the Left, which calls for the introduction of a European wealth tax, “which could generate more of €200 billion for the EU’s own resources”. Here is the Democratic Party and the left’s response to the crisis: more taxes for citizens. Fortunately for Italians and Europeans, common sense prevailed, their line was not approved and the amendment was categorically rejected by the European Parliament. Putting your hands in citizens’ pockets is the last thing that is needed now.” The leader of the FdI group in the Chamber, Tommaso Foti, also intervenes: «The attempted coup by the left over the capital of 200 billion has failed».

Source: IL Tempo