Door to Door Research, the party that puts the turbo: data from Ghisleri

Door to Door Research, the party that puts the turbo: data from Ghisleri

The Fratelli d’Italia continues to grow and does so more than the other main parties in Italy. This is certified by the new Euromedia Research survey on voting intentions at national level. For the sample analyzed by Alessandra Ghisleri for Porta a Porta, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s party remains in first place in Italy, with 28% of voting preferences and a growth of +0.3% compared to the poll of 11 of September.

The Democratic Party remains at a distance, recording 19.4% with an increase of 0.1%. Close behind is Elly Schein’s party, Giuseppe Conte’s 5 Star Movement, which obtained 17% of the votes, registering the same growth as the Democrats. Matteo Salvini’s League, fourth in the ranking of Italian parties with 9.6% of preferences, lost a net percentage point. Forza Italia contained losses with -0.1%, remaining in the wake of its government allies with 6.9% of the vote.

The polls then appear to reward Calenda’s Azione with 4.1% and Renzi’s Italia Viva with 3.3%; friendly enemies increase by +0.1. More pronounced than that of the centrists, the growth of the Alliance of Greens and the Left increased by 0.3%, but remained at 3%. +Europe with Emma Bonino drops to 2.5% (-0.1), Italy smiles with Paragone with 2.4% which registers a significant +0.4. Closing the list of voting intentions is Noi Moderati with 0.6%, +0.1 compared to the previous survey. And if we voted tomorrow, who would win? Ghisleri also responded to this. The center-right (moderate FdI-Lega-FI-Noi) would reach 45.1%, while the center-left (Pd-Green Alliance and left + Europe) 24.9%.

Source: IL Tempo