Presentation of the second debate on pension reform submitted

The chairman of the Seventh Committee of the House of Lordsthe legislative cell in which the government project was approved during the first debate during the last legislative term said that the articles were being worked on with several sectors.

“It is a presentation that has been constructed with all sectors, with the various work teams of this committee. It is an inclusive and securing presentation.”The initiative’s coordinating speaker told reporters on Wednesday.

The presentation for the second debate has a total of 94 articles and one of its features is the maintenance of the system of solidarity, semi-contributory, contributory and individual savings pillars.

Likewise, it contains the savings fund for the sole purpose of using the funds to pay the fees.

In the same way it is read that the quotation marks through 3 minimum wages They will be managed by Colpensiones, while the highest contributions will go to private funds.

Source: El Heraldo