“Imported millions of unusable masks from China”: Hearing requested for Irene Pivetti

Busto Arsizio (Varese) Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office closed the investigations against Irene Pivetti and requested her to be brought to court. The former speaker of the parliament is accused of fraud in public assets, embezzlement, money laundering and self-laundering. According to the judges’ theory, he purchased masks with a total value of €35 million during the Covid-19 emergency, but only the amount corresponding to a value of €10 million was delivered. But that’s not all: the devices delivered will be of low quality with a fake CE marking. The CE marking serves to demonstrate compliance with a set of mandatory practices that must be followed when selling and importing products within the European Union.

The Busto Arsizio prosecutor’s office had requested Pivetti’s arrest in March 2023, but the investigating judge rejected this request, declaring him incompetent. And he wrote the hearing to Rome. Prosecutor Ciro Caramore reiterated in the 600-page decision that the trial should be held in Busto Arsizio, as it concerns a crime allegedly committed in Malpensa. However, the Review found that the Busto judges were wrong and declared themselves incompetent on the merits.

There is a line that the former Chamber president’s lawyers also follow: “We are considering the request for trial. The review has already expressed its opinion: Busto’s is not the competent court,” said lawyer Filippo Cocco.

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Source: Today IT