Emma Bonino survived the tumor: Announcement to Belve (and message from Giorgia Meloni)

Emma Bonino survived the lung cancer she had been fighting for years. He announced this to himself monsters – in the episode airing tonight on Rai 2 – with an intense interview in which she bares herself.

When Francesca Fagnani reminds the MP that many people accuse her of having a certain political ambition, she replies: “Does it seem like a crime to you that women have ambition? I have progressed and I will continue to advance as much as I can. Take me, I hope you take me for a long time. In fact, you “I want to give good news: I am free of the tumor. I still need to have a confirmatory CT scan, but after 8 years this unwanted microcytoma has disappeared.”

There is no shortage of funny moments: starting from his childhood spent with his peasant family in the Piedmont countryside, to his political career arising from the traumatic abortion experience that led him to join the radical party, to the present day. day. Regarding his relationship with Marco Pannella, when Fagnani asks if he still misses him despite the deterioration in relations in recent years, Bonino admits: “Yes, it was a one-sided separation on his part. I never understood why and I suffered a lot from him.” ” “. When the journalist asks him: “Didn’t you really understand the reasons for the breakup?”, he answers categorically: “No, or maybe he hurt me so much that I definitely wanted to turn the page and think about something else”. Something you want to tell him, although you do not have time to tell him Is there anything? “Yes, I wanted to ask him, what’s your problem, what’s on your mind?” “He once said I was a loyal bureaucrat.”

Giorgia Meloni’s message and response

The news of Emma Bonino’s recovery reached Giorgia Meloni, who has always been her political rival. The Prime Minister wrote on Twitter: “Glad to hear the news that Emma Bonino has recovered from lung cancer. Best wishes to her and a special thought to everyone battling the disease.” Bonino’s response came just in time as he tweeted: “I thank Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, I agree with the sentiments of those facing this battle.”

Source: Today IT