CNE investigates the withdrawal of Yenis Orozco’s candidacy for mayor of Malambo

He National Electoral Council examines the lawsuit filed against Yenis Orozco’s candidacy at the Malambo Mayor’s Officefor alleged double militancy.

The trial against the candidate, supported by the Liberal Party, was initiated because she had violated Article 2 of Law 1475 of 2011, which prohibits simultaneous membership of more than one political party or movement.

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This is in response to a request submitted in this regard by a citizen who claims this Yenis Orozco has incurred the cause of double militancy by supporting other people’s candidates political movementssuch as radical change and Conservative Party

The citizen presented as evidence images and videos, in which the candidate is apparently accompanied by candidates of the aforementioned political party to other corporations.

The study of this withdrawal by distribution agreed with the CNE magistrate Fabiola Márquez Grisales.

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The National Electoral Council has selected the candidate and the Liberal party two working days, calculated from the notification, to exercise the right of objection and defense.

The festival was also celebrated Drastic change to comment on the facts alleged by the complainant.

Source: El Heraldo