Israel, the “rule of silence” applies to the Democratic Party. And the big names are thinking about the European elections

Elly Schlein imposes “the rule of silence” on PD leaders. And they accept: the need for currents to include their representatives on the lists for the European elections “recommends prudence in the internal debate”, we read in a reference article by Agi. In short, only the secretary or, secondarily, the PD’s foreign relations manager, Peppe Provenzano, talks about the conflict in Israel. A strategy dictated by the extreme sensitivity of the subject and also by the previous Ukraine dossier, explains. Elly Schlein took office at Nazarene when the Democratic Party had already drawn a line and each deviation from that line was followed by internal clashes, controversies and finger-pointing at the top of the Dem. Remember, for example, the vote on the European ASAP plan to fund the production of ammunition to be sent to Kiev. Strengthened by this lesson, Schlein imposed an iron rule on herself and her party: only the secretary talks about developments in the Middle East.

And indeed, there are many press releases and publications about maneuvers and health care, while statements about Israel, Hamas and Gaza are significantly lower. “Not even the exponents of Schlein’s inner circle dare to declare, in no particular order”, it is explained, all behind the Schlein line: Israel’s right to exist and defend itself, but without the population of Gaza pay the price of a reaction that, for the Democratic Party, must remain within the limits of human rights and international law. “We are all on the side of Israel, without ambiguity, in the clear condemnation of the Hamas terrorist attack, of brutal violence against Israeli civilians”, recalls the secretary: “Now is the time for politics and to make every effort to avoid an escalation of conflict and new innocent victims”.

The line has so far remained the same, at least based on the absence of voices dissenting from that of the leader. A “pax interna” dictated by the delicacy of the moment, of course. But those among Democratic leaders who have lived through moments like this in the past remember that there were many paxes, more or less with each secretary who passed through Nazareno, and they always coincided with the eve of an important electoral turn. Translated: the need for big names in the party and currents to include their exponents in these lists recommends avoiding reversals and departures from the group.

Source: IL Tempo