Eleven candidates are running for Soledad’s mayoral office

Elvira Gutierrez, candidate of the Colombian Ecologists Party, comes from his role as social leader and cultural manager of the municipality. Although she does not have much experience in the political field, she said she has the expertise and social sustainability in managing public affairs to achieve positive results in her government management if elected mayor of Soledad.

He assured that his candidacy is an act of rebellion and protest against those in power today because of so much corruption, insecurity and lack of opportunities for the residents of this area.

“Soledeños can expect from Elvira Gutiérrez a joint and consensual work with the communities and all institutions to achieve the economic and social transformation that the municipality needs and society requires. Therefore, we will rule with the people and for the people. This imposes on us the task that all government action must be for the benefit of the people, of the people, of everyone and not of a few. And that task must start with our children, giving them every opportunity for a better quality of life, and educating them to become good citizens is essential.”

He agrees with the other candidates that the most serious problem Soledad faces is insecurity. Thus, they announced that they will take the municipality out of the hands of criminals, as a joint task of state institutions and society, to guarantee the civil, economic, social, cultural rights, coexistence and tranquility of the people of Soledad. .

“As mayor I will have to deal with security problems, but for a problem of such magnitude there must be a department within the administration that can coordinate and articulate these tasks. Secretariat of Security and Coexistence of Citizens, allowing us to gain control, a comprehensive intervention in the area to prevent and control crime.”

He made several proposals regarding employment. First of all, he announced that he will promote job creation through entrepreneurship, for which he proposes to turn Soledad into a manufacturing center, with concrete and specific support in the field of employment. organization, training, financing and marketing channels.

“This is not a story. In the first year we will set up a microcredit fund, with 25 billion euros to lend to budding entrepreneurs, so that they can start or improve their business. We are going to beat poverty and unemployment.”

For children, it proposes to guarantee high-quality initial education, within the framework of comprehensive care; guarantee access and sustainability for children under 5 years old in initial education. Furthermore, guarantee attention, care and nutrition and achieve their social reintegration in dignified conditions.

“Our young people will have the opportunity to transform social conditions, remove existing barriers and expand capabilities and opportunities, improving their quality of life. They will have access to opportunities to build their projects and life plans from a good life. Their diversity will be recognized and respected from all dimensions.”

Source: El Heraldo