According to polls, confidence in Prime Minister Meloni is growing. What’s happening in the center right

Confidence in Prime Minister Meloni and the center-right majority is growing. These are the data that emerge from the weekly survey carried out by Termometro Politico between October 10 and 12, 2023. According to the survey carried out, 44.6% of Italians consider that the judiciary has assumed a role in opposition to the Meloni government. 34%, however, believe that this opposition is simply a majority narrative that risks endangering the independence of the judiciary. 19.6% of respondents occupy intermediate positions. Italians’ trust in Prime Minister Meloni is growing again (42%).

Voting intentions recorded by Termometro Politico make center-right parties grow: Fratelli d’Italia has 29.8%, the League has 9.6% and Forza Italia has 6.4%. Pd and M5S fell to 19% and 16.3%, respectively. Shares rose a tenth, to 3.6%, while Left/Greens returned below the threshold.

Source: IL Tempo