Pd, De Luca’s last attack: “Absolute nothing”. Who is he taking it out on?

Vincenzo De Luca once again attacks part of the Democratic Party. The president of the Campania Region participated in the Foglio party, returning to the internal controversy of the Democrats regarding his possible third term as governor, a path contested by the new leaders: «I am the exponent of the Democratic Party with the most votes in Italy, I won in Campania with 70% and I meet members of the Democratic Party, who are absolute nothings in their relationship with the territories, who speak without any respect. We have a regional president in Italy, Luca Zaia, who is serving his third term in the peace of the Lord. Nobody says anything about the third term, neither the Veneto nor the national Democratic Party, everyone is silent. Then we arrived in Campania and it’s not good. The truth is that the third term has nothing to do with it. They are afraid of a free man who has no masters or godfathers.”

Then another text message, which also involves Elly Schlein: «The primaries? We are the only party in the world that allows its secretary to be elected by those who are not members of the Democratic Party and do not even vote for them. There is an obvious mental health problem…” De Luca is asked about the title of his book ‘Despite the Pd’: “I chose this title because it comes from my experience. I belong to a party that has always bothered me. I find myself in a paradoxical situation of having received the appreciation of opponents and instead of having found in the Democratic Party a particular concentration of rude, rude and presumptuous people.”

Source: IL Tempo