Meloni anticipates the numbers: “23 billion maneuver”. Help for families and businesses

A maneuver focused “on combating inflation, on the need to help families and companies. We focus on the serious and important things, which are businesses, jobs, income and families. There are no resources to waste and money to throw away on meaningless things.” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni thus presents the budget law that the Council of Ministers is preparing to launch tomorrow. After the meeting with the social partners, they are on top of the table around 23 billion, of which 15 for the reduction of the tax burden, extended throughout 2024, and for the remodulation of Irpef with the merger of the first two tiers into a single rate set at 23%. An allocation of 3 billion should be allocated to health care, while 5 billion will go to the renewal of public administration contracts, along with a series of measures for the family and birth rate.

A maneuver that, according to the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi, «demonstrated reasonableness» even though «it contains many cyclical interventions, even interventions that we expected such as the reconfirmation of the reduction in the tax burden, which however is cyclical and not structural”. The opposition, however , is more critical. “Seeing the Meloni government cut public health services to citizens is unacceptable for us. The Democratic Party will continue to ask for the necessary resources to be included in this maneuver.” M5S leader Giuseppe Conte speaks of “a government even pusillanimous”, emphasizes that “there is no measure for growth, for investments” and believes “that the same voters who voted for Meloni are the first to be disappointed”. The budget law, on the other hand, “is crazy” , according to the Secretary of Action, Carlo Calenda, because “taxes are not cut in the deficit”. My opinion is very negative. There is this “everyone is angry with us” which is no longer sustainable”.

Meanwhile, on the pensions front, no government figures have arrived. We should, therefore, continue with quota 103, but the strategy that foresees the review of the social bee, particularly in heavy work, the reinforcement of supplementary pensions and the guarantee, also for the next year, of the indexation of pensions is confirmed in the face of inflation. But Forza Italia does not give up and continues to work to obtain a new increase in minimum rates. Billions Many funds should be allocated to public health from the economic maneuver that the government will discuss tomorrow in the Council of Ministers. through renewal of contracts in public administration.

Source: IL Tempo