Free nurseries and discounts for hiring mothers and former Rdc: precautionary news

Free nursery for the second child. Important news for crowded families was announced by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at the press conference where the measures included in the economic package were explained. With increased funding for kindergarten, the government’s mission is to make kindergarten free for the second child and provide tax exemptions for mothers with more than two children. The package of measures also envisages deductions from labor costs for recruitments that include mothers and former citizens receiving income.

Free kindergarten for the second child: precautions for families

There are a few more new developments regarding the family that Meloni explained: “We do not approve the VAT reduction on early childhood products because unfortunately it has been absorbed by price increases due to inflation, but for 1 billion we add 3 more measures: Work on parental leave; kindergarten is free for the second child “Let’s significantly increase the funding for kindergartens to say that it is.”

“The Prime Minister said: “Then there is the most important measure regarding the deprivation of mothers’ contributions: Mothers with two or more children will not pay the employee’s contribution. A woman who has given birth to at least two children has already made a significant contribution to society and the State is trying to compensate for this by paying social security premiums.” Touching on fringe benefits, Meloni said, “Last year we made important interventions, this year we are making it structural with the 2024 changes: The ceiling is for employees with children “We bring it to 2 thousand euros for employees and 1000 euros for other employees,” he said.

Discounts for hiring mothers and former RDCs

Another measure included in the maneuver relates to reducing labor costs for permanent hires. “The maneuver initiated by the government ensures the implementation of the principle ‘the more you hire, the less you pay'” explained Giorgia Meloni – This is one of the measures written in our program, we are introducing a super cut for companies from the cost of labor for those hired on a permanent basis, all permanent It reaches rates equal to 120% for those employed and up to 130% for those employed by “mothers, under 30 years of age, persons receiving citizenship income and persons with disabilities. The higher the labor rate, the less tax it owes to the State.” “This measure replaces the tax reduction provided only to young people and women, but is added to the tax reduction for those working in the South provided for in the decree on the single special region of the South.”

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Source: Today IT