Elections in Poland, Nicola Procaccini congratulates Pis

«Congratulations to the men and women of Pis for their success in the Polish elections. A result that, according to the data that is emerging, sees the conservative party largely confirming itself as the main political force in Poland, even beyond the exit poll predictions, in a highly competitive electoral round.” This was stated in a note from the co-president of the Ecr group in the European Parliament, Nicola Procaccini, from Fratelli d’Italia.

«Despite a campaign of demonization of the people and the ideas that Pis represents, the Polish people shared the proposals of the party that joins the ECR, evidently also appreciating its governmental work – he adds – Pis is not a political force that opposes a but the European Union is and continues to be a conservative force committed, like the Brothers of Italy, to the attempt to return to Europe a political and cultural identity that integrates but does not replace the nations that make it up. Those who carry the scars of the Soviet Union in their souls do not want to perpetuate their dirigiste and materialistic attitudes. Surreal, however, is the triumphalist tone of European socialists, who celebrate the meager 8% obtained by the New Left party. I hope that in the complex negotiations to form the next executive, no center-right party thinks about bringing the left that was defeated in the elections to the government of Poland.”

Source: IL Tempo