The 2024 budget will include resources for the RAP Caribe

“In accordance with the provisions of Article 44 of Law 2294 of 2023, which established the PND 2022-2026, it was decided to include funds for the Administrative and Planning Regions, RAP, within the Treasury sector, subject to regulation,” the document said.

This Article 44, which talks about the financing of the RAP, reads: “To supplement the financing of the RAP Administrative and Planning Regions (RAP), In addition to what is provided for in Article 32 of Law 1454 of 2011, the nation may contribute resources annually as an unconditional and freely allocated transfer, in accordance with the budgetary availability included in the annual budget law. The distribution of these resources will depend on the criteria established by the central government. The above amount will increase annually by a percentage equal to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of the immediately preceding year. The investment projects of the Administrative and Planning Regions (RAP)financed with the resources established in this article shall receive technical support from the National Planning Service (DNP)”.

Source: El Heraldo