Italy protects itself against terrorism: Checks have resumed on the border between Italy and Slovenia

Italy has restarted controls at the border with Slovenia for 10 days (may be extended) due to the changing situation in Europe and the Middle East. Slovenian Minister of Internal Affairs Bostjan Poklukar was informed by his colleague Matteo Piantedosi. In response, Slovenia will impose border controls with Croatia and Hungary. The news awaited by the Slovenian news agency Sta was confirmed by Palazzo Chigi, which attributed the pressure to security issues. The decision is closely linked to the Middle East crisis, but also appears to have been taken in the wake of the attack in Brussels.

In fact, this is the suspension of the Schengen Agreement. It was built by Giorgia Meloni herself. According to Adnkronos, the Prime Minister himself was behind the decision to restart the controls. Meloni fears that jihadist terrorism will also hit Italy, which has remained unscathed so far.

That is why other leaders during the European Council yesterday warned of the risks associated with “mass” migration, which the Prime Minister aims to stop “without hesitation or hesitation”. Therefore, it was decided to reintroduce the controls for 10 days, starting from October 21; However, this period can be extended as necessary.

Note from Palazzo Chigi

According to what we read in Palazzo Chigi’s note, the Italian government conveyed its decision to “Vice President of the European Commission Margaritis Schinas, European Commissioner for Internal Affairs Ylva Johansson, President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola and President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola.” Thérèse Blanchet, Secretary General of the Union Council and Ministers of Internal Affairs of the EU Member States and Schengen-affiliated countries”.

“According to statements from Palazzo Chigi, the intensification of crisis outbreaks on European borders, especially after the attack on Israel, has actually increased the level of threat of violent acts within the Union. The constant migration pressure that Italy is exposed to by sea and land (140 thousand people arrive on Italian shores arrival, +85% compared to 2022) In the Friuli Venezia Giulia region alone, 16 thousand people have been identified since the beginning of the year as those who entered the National territory illegally.”

“This scenario, which has been subject to in-depth analysis by the Anti-Terrorism Strategic Analysis Commission established within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, confirms the need to further strengthen prevention and control measures. According to national evaluations, in fact, police measures on the Italy-Slovenia border are not sufficient to provide the necessary security. The measure was taken on October 21.” “It will be implemented for 10 days starting from 2017”, but it is possible to extend it. “As described, control methods will be implemented in a way that guarantees the proportionality of the measure, is adapted to the threat and adjusted to create the least possible impact on cross-border movement and freight traffic. The status and effectiveness of the measures will be constantly analyzed in the hope of a rapid return to full free movement.”

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Source: Today IT