Supermedia Agi-YouTrend polls: who is falling to the left. And the League flies

Supermedia news about the Agi-YouTrend surveys released on Thursday, October 19th and which includes the results of the most recent surveys from the main opinion polling institutes. Well, this week “we have two data points to take into account”, explain the analysts, “one is that of the 5 Star Movement, which has lost half a point in the last two weeks; the other is that of the League, which instead gains 0.6%, reaching double digits and registering the best value of this legislature (9.8%)”. In short, in a context of minimal variations in Italians’ voting orientations, these two aspects emerge: the growth of Matteo Salvini’s party, which launched a League demonstration on November 4 in Milan in defense of Western values ​​after the Hamas attack to Israel and the attacks in Europe, and the loss of consensus of Giuseppe Conte’s 5 Stars.

The figures. The first party remains Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia with 28.7%, followed by Elly Schlein’s Pd with 19.6%. There was a slight drop for both. The center-right coalition grows by half a point and stands at 46.7. M5S 16.1 (-0.6) Lega 9.8 (+0.5) Forza Italia 7.2 (stable) Action 3.6 (-0.3) Greens/Left 3.5 (+0.1) Italia Viva 2.7 (+0.1) +Europe 2.3 (-0.2) Italexit 1.8 (- 0.2) União Popular 1.3 (-0.1) Noi Moderati 1.1 (+ 0.3). With regard to coalitions, the center-right is at 46.7 (+0.5), the center-left at 25.4, two tenths less compared to two weeks ago (5 October), the date of the last Supermedia which integrates surveys by the Eumetra, Noto, Piepoli, Quorum, SWG and Tecnè institutes.

Source: IL Tempo