Extremism “Israel is a criminal state”: hence anti-vax and the far right “support” Hamas After the war in Ukraine, vaccines, the climate crisis and the inevitable chemistry trails, the crisis in the Middle East is also fueling conspiracy talk. And it returns as the identity issue of the neo-fascist galaxy

“Israel represents crime perfectly, it represents absolute evil, Zionism is worse than Nazism.” This is the phrase in one of the most active “free information and counter information” chats on Telegram, with more than 76 thousand subscribers, moderated by journalist Davide Zedda, one of the best-known names in the digital galaxy. far-right conspiracy and “no vaccine”. In his last “editorial”, so to speak, he talks about “the possible interference of electric vehicles with people who have received the Covid 19 vaccine.”

“Inform yourself and share”: conspiracy machine

At these hours, serial disinformation groups focus on the new war in the Middle East and especially the massacre at Al Ahli hospital in Gaza. The drama experienced by the population of the Strip becomes an excuse to flood the network with content, from videos of dubious origin to the most outlandish theories, told by famous strangers who film themselves with their mobile phones while taking their dogs for a walk. it’s their job. Clearly, the aim is not to support the cause of the Palestinian people, but to use the ongoing conflict to destabilize part of the public and incite anger against the establishment, using the same scheme seen in the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. “Inform and share” is the battle cry.

Support for Hamas terrorists is never explained, but is actually contained in messages of delirious hatred for the Jewish State: “Do we realize how guilty the Government of Israel is? Do we realize its murderous rage? Do we realize what’s happening? Attacking a hospital, killing women and children is not an act of war: it is an evil and satanic act,” we read in another post by Cagliari journalist Davide Zedda (himself a member of the Order since 2016). He draws a parallel with Nazism: “We have reached the final solution – he writes – I have been talking about it for days. Israel and the USA, with the consensus of the entire guilty West, including the Italian Government, have reached the final solution. The final solution means that what is left of Palestine and the Palestinians will be completely destroyed.” “The victim has become the executioner, I am more cruel and evil than the executioners. This is a new genocide against the Palestinian people.” Note the persistent presence of Satanism, which is frequently used in conspiracy channels and is an undisputed legend there, with opponents of former American President Donald Trump normally referred to by this phrase.

The “Radiogreg” channel, which has 21 thousand subscribers, introduces itself as follows: “Italy’s only free information channel. Primitives and lowlifes are leveled daily.” Between a post about sudden illnesses that can be caused by conventional vaccines and a post in which climate change is mentioned as a “big hoax” to enslave the people of Earth, videos are also posted here, apparently from here. Gaza Strip, without specifying the source, of course. And then a meme in which Fred Jones, the character from the popular animated series Scooby-Doo, unmasks a Hamas criminal who is actually disguised as an Israeli.

Even in the “I do not vaccinate” chat, 27 thousand members remained truer to their original “mission” of spreading “no vax” content and posted reports of “sudden illnesses” allegedly caused by vaccines. We are talking about the war against the hated “experimental serums” against Covid 19, calling Bruno Vespa a “maid” when he interrupted one of his reporters reporting that Israel had bombed the hospital.

A very popular technique in these groups is to take video clips or screenshots from journalistic reports by foreign publishers and manipulate the content, often in an unexpected way; In one of them, the director of the bombed hospital explained that Israel told them: “We warned you with two bombs yesterday. Why haven’t you evacuated the hospital yet?”

far right against Israel

And attacks on Israel continue unabated, even though the “official” voices of the local far-right use blase, less serious tone in their Telegram channels. It must be said that this is not a new alignment: the Italian neo-fascist group has always supported the Palestinian cause, making it almost a matter of identity; But unlike the left, there is always a more or less hidden anti-Semitism underlying their theses. In fact, instead of solidarity against the oppressed Palestinian people, the most extreme anti-Zionism comes to the fore. “Israel is an entity that has no legitimacy, is not recognized by almost all Arab countries, whose government encourages settlers to establish settlements and is constantly eroding Palestinian lands,” we read in an article by Roberto Fiore on the “Fahrenheit2022” website. The Forza Nuova leader, who risks being sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in prison for the attack on CGIL headquarters on October 9, 2021, also attacks the center-right press that “calls for massacres and calls Palestinians monsters.”

Francesca Totolo's post about X-2

Particularly active is also journalist Francesca Totolo, whose daily barrage of tweets against immigrants, the LGBT community and the anti-fascist left now includes the Gaza Strip. For those who follow the character, the outcome is highly destabilizing; Who knows what Ovadia, who has just resigned from Ferrara’s Teatro Comunale, will think about this unexpected confirmation?

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