This is how the dry law for elections persists; The government has already issued an election decree

They may also not be used in the polling station on election day, Phonesphoto or video cameras between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., except media who wish to participate, after coordination with the National Register of Civil Status. And after the closing of the vote The media may only provide information about election results electoral authorities

Meanwhile, civilians are suffering limits and physical ailments that prevent them from taking care of themselves, exercising the right to vote accompanied by a person to the voting booth, without prejudice to the secret of the vote.

“On election day, the the media will not be able to make projections public based on the data received, nor disseminating survey results on how people decided to vote or based on the explanations voters are asked about how they plan to vote or voted on election day,” the Interior Ministry statement said.

Source: El Heraldo