Forza Italia, the hard blow against defaulters continues. But there is a way out

Some have renamed it the ‘standard award’. The modification of the ‘squeeze’ status of deputies and senators who do not pay the arrears of the Forza Italia membership fee was announced and approved unanimously at the Paestum convention, in these hours we are working on how to concretely implement this hard line. If on the one hand the ineligibility for party positions and the ineligibility of those who do not comply are confirmed, on the other there are vacancies for those who want to resolve their debt situation: those who will bring in financiers for at least 15 thousand euros per year would be ‘exempt’ payment of the monthly contribution of 900 euros due for joining the IF.

The novelty of the exemption would be contained in the draft regulation, implementing an iron fist against defaulters and seen by Adnkronos, which will be on the agenda of the national secretariat convened tomorrow morning, at 9, by Antonio Tajani, at the national session at Via headquarters in Lucina , at number 17. To help settle arrears and save Forzista’s increasingly difficult finances following the abolition of public funding and the death of Silvio Berlusconi (the party’s main financier for over twenty years), the draft regulation also provides for another option: a ‘repayment plan’ (to be agreed by the end of March 2024), a kind of amnesty in installments, to put an end to the issue with the past.

Source: IL Tempo