Polls, the Mannheimer bomb: so that Meloni can aspire to 35 percent

The dissolution of the parliamentary groups Action and Italia Viva triggers surprising political scenarios. The definitive implosion of the Third Pole, in fact, would make the center at least uncompetitive in European elections, to the benefit of other political forces. The scenario outlined by Renato Mannheimer, veteran research researcher, is sensational: “The center has modest prospects. Even if 10-20 percent of voters consider themselves ‘center’, the trend in the debate between the parties is so polarized between those who are for and against the Executive, as there are very few votes left in the center,” said Mannheimer to Adnkronos.

The researcher is certain that fights and divorces within the Third Pole team, even at the level of parliamentary groups, “are leading the electorate to distance itself”. “According to our research, so far Azione is at 4.1 percent, Iv at 2.8. The sum is 6.9%, a number that has been stable for several weeks. It’s a shame, because together Azione and Italia viva could have reached 10%, but it is possible that they will decrease even more”.

And “Per”, an association launched by Elena Bonetti and Ettore Rosato? “We no longer understand anything: these are individual maneuvers linked to the Roman political environment that have no effect on the general electorate, despite being well-known figures. I think Az and Iv could have campaigned together, but instead we will see further reductions. Maybe Forza Italia can win, which is at 7 percent, where the old voters from the center will go, bringing it to 8 percent.”

There is still a long way to go, but what could happen to the European elections? “It will be then that Meloni will decide what to do”, explains Mannheimer, who states about the possibility of returning to the polls in September: “The short legislature seems like a bold program to me, but Meloni is used to bold things. He could incorporate and expand FDI and aspire to 35%, “this” taking from the center, Fi and Lega which is now in difficulty, positioning itself below 10%. Meloni’s image, which at the moment has great popularity and consensus electoral power, is no longer in fact associated with the right-wing electorate, but with the center-right, which could help him obtain votes from the center”, explains the researcher .

Source: IL Tempo