Le Figaro winks at Meloni after a year in government: “Prudent and careful”

On October 22, 2022, the executive led by Giorgia Meloni took office with oath. The French newspaper Le Figaro, exactly one year after the leader of the Brothers of Italy was elected Prime Minister, takes stock and offers a portrait of the first woman in Italy who won the right to lead the country. “Prudent, careful not to end up in vain controversies, Giorgia Meloni no longer worries”: we read in the oldest French newspaper among those still in publication. This is the title of the report created by the journalist sent to Italy: “Giorgia Meloni, a year of revolution without haste”. A summary of the twelve months that Giorgia Meloni spent at Palazzo Chigi that aims to explain how the leader tried to offer concrete answers to Italians.

“After a year in power, the leader of the extreme right has achieved her normalization operation, both on the international scene and in the opinion of Italians”, writes the newspaper, referring to Meloni’s ability to bring Italy back to situation. center of Europe and rediscover the potential of a country that is once again raising its head. Among the political observers interviewed by the Le Figaro journalist was also Leo Goretti, an expert at Istituto Affari Internazionali. Goretti believes that Giorgia Meloni “had to show all her credentials” in the face of a general skepticism that prevailed among several European leaders.

Massimo Franco, columnist for Corriere della Serra, also spoke about the prime minister’s choices and actions. “At the end of this first year we can say that Giorgia Meloni passed the final exam. She managed to limit economic damage, take care of relations with European partners and show constant support for Ukraine,” he declared.

Source: IL Tempo