Forza Italia, crackdown on defaulters: payment obligations and reapplications at risk

An expanded secretariat with four deputy secretaries, a “new old” symbol with the name of founder Berlusconi permanently inserted and the “squeeze” for those who do not pay contributions to the party. In Paestum, the Forza Italia of the future was born, one that looks beyond the figure of the charismatic leader Silvio Berlusconi and projects itself towards new challenges, first and foremost the role of the party in the Government and in electoral competitions. The modification of the statute of repression of deputies and senators was announced and unanimously approved at the Paestum convention, now work is underway to implement this new line. Contributions to the party will be paid every month and whoever does not pay will not only run the risk of losing their position, but also of future reappointment: this was what was approved by the party’s national secretariat which took place yesterday, Saturday, October 21st , under the presidency of Antonio Tajani, acting leader.

Among the new features of Forza Italia, as reported by Corriere della Sera, is also the direct participation of members in the election of delegates. Some discontent arose in the party due to the suspension of membership at the end of October: a blue current, in fact, would have liked to extend the deadline in view of the congress. Regarding payments, however, from what we have learned, parliamentarians who raise funds equal to 15 thousand euros and regional administrators who manage to raise 8 thousand euros for the party’s coffers will be exempt from contribution obligations.

Source: IL Tempo