Report on the “Fascina method”, Forza Italia rises: attack on open polls

Attack on Forza Italia with polls open for partial and administrative elections. The Azzurri protest against the broadcast, on Sunday, October 22, of Il testament, the Report’s investigation into Silvio Berlusconi’s hereditary assets. The program presented by Sigfrido Ranucci on Rai 3 focuses on the accounts of Forza Italia, the legacies of Marta Fascina and Marcello Dell’Utri and the role of Cav’s last companion in the party.

«Report is back on the attack with its denigrating activity against unwanted political movements and personalities. Once again it’s Forza Italia’s turn, already the target of media attacks due to Ranucci’s broadcast. Statements of all kinds, defamation based on unfounded narratives, real attacks. Demonstrating that Report and Ranucci are a kind of “political movement that operates, financed by citizens with money from Rai, to attack their opponents”. The statement was made by Forza Italia senator, Maurizio Gasparri, member of Rai Supervision. «This – he adds – does not surprise us, but it outrages us. And we wonder why this Reportagem conduct is tolerated, of which we also remember the performances with Baiardo’s audio, defined as full of lies by Baiardo himself, but distributed anyway. Ranucci’s conduct was also disgraceful on that occasion, and I had the opportunity to complain directly to the person in question. That, enjoying a kind of freedom to act at three hundred and sixty degrees, does not take into account either reality or the observations that have been made to it, even in the past, calling it reality. I believe the issue will urgently need to be discussed within the parliamentary oversight committee and beyond.”

«It is very serious that with the polls open for the supplementary elections for the Senate, and for the renewal of the provincial and regional councils of Trentino Alto Adige, for the municipal elections of Foggia and other municipalities, the Report has broadcast an episode that offends the memory of President Berlusconi and his political creature: Forza Italia”, declares the president of the senators of Forza Italia, Licia Ronzulli. «The last thirty years seem to have taught us nothing. The political use of the public television service, which for definition should be from third parties, it has never managed to change voters’ orientation. In fact, on the contrary, it has always strengthened President Berlusconi and the party. We know that Agcom’s regulations do not prevent this, but it is a matter of professional ethics and opportunities that will need to be explored further. It seems truly surprising that this happens predominantly and almost exclusively in relation to Forza Italia before each election deadline”, adds Ronzulli.

Source: IL Tempo