Giovanni Donzelli: “We were always consistent and that paid off over time”

Behind the “full house” registered yesterday at the Teatro Brancaccio in Rome for the event “Winning Italy – A year of results”, by Fratelli d’Italia, on the anniversary of the birth of the government led by Giorgia Meloni is also the hand of Giovanni Donzelli , responsible for the national organization of the party. Il Tempo interviewed him to find out how the initiative was born. «The initiative was scheduled for September, a year after the elections, but we later decided to postpone it until the state funeral of President Emeritus Giorgio Napolitano. And so we organized it a year after the inauguration. We are a party that depends a lot on organization both nationally and in the various territories; we are a well-tested machine.” In fact, in addition to the Rome event, other events were also held in the territories. «Yes, among other things, the novelty was the video connection with all territories. We organized an event in all Regions, except Trentino, where there was electoral silence.”

Did seeing that theater remind you of the party’s first initiatives? «I remember the early days when we organized events and were satisfied if there were a few dozen people. But then, over time, thanks to Giorgia Meloni, we filled, for example, Piazza del Duomo in Milan during the election campaign. This morning there were more than 2,500 people and unfortunately many others were unable to enter because capacity reached the limit.” What was the recipe? «We have always been ourselves, even when it seemed counterproductive. We grew without looking for shortcuts and defending the interests of Italians.” What are you most proud of this first year? «The battles fought by the government in defense of legality and against organized crime. I am thinking of the first provision on life imprisonment with the defense that was made when trying to question article 41 bis. Or the work carried out by Chiara Colosimo in the Commission that brought to light truths that had never emerged about the Via D’Amelio massacre. An important work for the defense of legality that is fundamental for us, given that many of our generation began to get involved in politics after the season of mafia massacres in 1992-93.”

And what would change? «I would like to have inherited a simpler situation and not find ourselves sailing in a stormy sea. The governments that preceded us bear part of the responsibility and part of the international economic situation.” Looking to the future, what are the priorities? “The priorities continue to be the economy, family and security. The path taken is the right path, obviously we have not yet achieved the results we set out to achieve, but in the meantime we have put the train back on the right tracks.” What do you think of the attacks, even personal ones, that you have suffered recently? I am thinking of the Giambruno case, but also of the “gossip” about the minister Lollobrigida? «It’s disgusting and qualifies anyone who thinks about doing politics like that, but for us it’s a good sign because it means that there are no concrete reasons to attack us for our political choices and our abilities. If the only thing they can find to attack us are gossip, this means that the Meloni government is working well. It is also the sign of a policy that has deteriorated in recent years, especially because it was absent, giving up its role to make way for technicians”.

Source: IL Tempo