Trento province confirms Fugatti: civica and Fdi explosion, League collapses

As predicted on the eve of elections to renew the council of the Autonomous Region of Trento, Maurizio Fugatti is on the fast track to re-approval. With 307 out of 527 episodes, Fugatti is ahead with 51.29 percent over his rival Francesco Valduga, who has 37.98 percent. All other candidates are far behind: Filippo Degasperi, who is in the field with the lists La me Val – Primiero Vanoi Mis, Onda and Unione Popolare, is in the field with 3.9 percent. Sergio Divina, presidential candidate of Giovani per Divina Presidente, Noi con Divina Presidente and Alternativa Popolare per il Trentino, is at 2.35 percent. With the support of the Sovereign and Popular Democracy list, Marco Rizzo receives 2.19 percent of the votes, 5 Star Movement’s candidate Alex Marini receives 1.85 percent, and Alternativa’s candidate Elena Dardo receives 0.45 percent.

Social explosion, League is bad

Lists supporting the outgoing president include Noi Trentino per Fugatti president, Lega per Fugatti president, Fratelli d’Italia, Union of Christian Democrats and Center Democrats, Forza Italia, La Civica, Trentino Tirol autonomist party and Fassa; in support of center-left rival Italia Viva, Campobase, Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra, Fascegn, Casa Autonomia.Eu, Azione and the Trentino Democratic Party.

If the trends are confirmed, the list affiliated with the president (which achieved a result far beyond the most optimistic expectations) will gain 4 seats, while the League will lose 8 seats compared to 2018 and remain at 5, one less seat. 5 seats also for Brothers of Italy. On the centre-right, the UDC and Forza Italia would be left empty-handed. Two seats will go to La Civica, 3 seats to the Trentino Tirol Autonomous Party, 1 seat to Fassa and 6 seats to the Democratic Party. Democracy Sovereign Popular and Marco Rizzo of the 5 Star Movement will also definitely stay out of the council.

PD first party

In terms of party votes, the Democratic Party is ahead with 15.96 percent; The league follows with 12.93 percent (losing almost 15 points compared to 2018); Fratelli d’Italia is at 12.01 percent (+11 compared to 2018). While Male Forza Italia remained at 1.87 percent and Italia viva at 1.27 percent, Azione recorded 1.39 percent. The Trentino Tirol autonomist party receives 7.58 percent of the votes, and the 5 Star Movement receives 1.88 percent.

“The President’s victory in Trentino, Lega and Civica confirmed Maurizio Fugatti with a huge advantage, the first political force above 20%”. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini wrote this about the Lega and the centre-right. Good work to Maurizio and team!”, he concludes.

Claudio Cia, the outgoing group leader of Fratelli d’Italia in the Province of Trento, is also satisfied and confident that he has been reconfirmed: “We can say that the result is very good. President Fugatti has been rewarded by the voters”, but in recent weeks criticism and conclusions have come from many quarters. Fratelli d’Italia data is very interesting and this is due to the good work of all candidates. Much of the consensus is thanks to Giorgia’s daily work and consistency. Melon”.

Source: Today IT