In the supplementary elections, Galliani resumes Berlusconi’s legacy. Capato defeated

Seats for the by-elections in the Monza and Brianza Senate single-member constituency, left vacant after the death of Silvio Berlusconi, closed at 3pm and less than two hours later YouTrend declared the winner. In fact, it is Adriano Galliani (center-right) who prevails over the other seven candidates: Marco Cappato (center-left, ‘Con Cappato’ list), Cateno De Luca (South with North), Daniele Giovanardi (Popular Sovereign Democracy), Giovanna Capelli (Popular Union), Domenico Di Modugno (Italian Communist Party), Andrea Brenna (Democracy and Subsidiarity) and Lillo Massimiliano Musso (Forza del Popolo). With around 10% of seats counted (73 out of 739), Galliani led with 52.66%, with Cappato with 37.76%.

This data was enough for specialized political analysts to declare the victory of the current CEO of football Monza, who returns to the Senate after the experience of previous years. The definitive turnout in the supplementary elections in the single-member constituency Lombardia – U06, in Monza, was 19.23% at 3 pm today. It had been 71.05% a year ago, when the vote to elect Parliament was held.

Source: IL Tempo