MGK election program: Rapid change of administrative culture

MGK election program: Rapid change of administrative culture

The long-awaited election program of the New Social Contract (NSC) is called Time for Recovery. Party leader Pieter Omtzigt said in the presentation that the government in the Netherlands is useless, causing major problems such as the social aid scandal and earthquake damage in Groningen. He wants to change this.

“The most important thing is to restore administrative order in the Netherlands,” Omtzigt said. He believes that if nothing changes there, the problems will continue. Therefore, the NSC wants to establish a constitutional court where, among other things, people’s fundamental rights can be examined.

It also wants a regional electoral system and a law on state oversight. Whistleblowers also need to be better protected.

The election manifesto of the new party, which performed well in the polls, will be available on the MGK’s website starting at 11:00. It consists of one hundred pages.

The first part is about administrative innovations. The second part is about social security and combating food poverty. Then comes the part about immigration, and finally the party wants to ensure there is enough living space. Not only by building many more houses, but also by, for example, giving tax breaks to foreigners who can pay more for a house than others.

Source: NOS