Controversy over the construction of a statue of Carlos Reitman in Santa Fe

Controversy over the construction of a statue of Carlos Reitman in Santa Fe

The project of honoring the deceased former pilot was rejected by progressives, who pointed to his responsibility as governor in the 2003 tragedy.

Charles Reitman
Charles Reitman

SANTA FE.- A legislative initiative that will propose an erection Monument to Carlos Alberto ReutmannRecalled the car racing driver, two-time governor and national senator of this province before his death on July 7, 2021. A controversy that has escalated in recent days.

The bill was debated in the Santa Fe Legislature on April 4 Nicolas Mayoraz, Natalia Armas Bellavi and Juan Domingo ArganarasFrom the bloc “Life and Family” and entrusts the executive power with the construction of a monument or memorial space in this capital, in honor of “Lole”.

In the presentation, the lawmakers noted that “a few days after the 50th anniversary of his debut in Formula 1 racing, It is essential to honor Reitman’s sports career, Who took the flag of Argentina to the highest in the most famous circles of motorsport and one of the greatest athletes of our province. In this regard, they are asking the provincial government to “erect a bust or a monument or design a thematic space in the capital. [que] Will help keep the memory alive, ”recalled the car racing driver.

But the controversy did not take long. At the last session of the Tbilisi City Council, which was held last Thursday, the councilor Valeria Lopez Delzar (Progressive Front) raised its “Strong Denial” Initiative presented in the Chamber of Deputies of Santa Fe.

“I want to express my deep concern and energetic denial from this chair. Surprisingly, the coincidence is presented in April; “The month marks the 19th anniversary of one of the worst floods to hit the city of Santa Fe,” said the adviser, recalling that April 29 will be the 19th anniversary of the worst water tragedy to hit. In the town of Santa Fe, when the Rage of the Salado River came in with open and unfinished work in the western belt, near the local racetrack. “And it all happened in Reutman’s second term at the helm of the province,” the adviser said.

This phenomenon caused a third of the city (all districts west and northwest) to be flooded with mudslides, causing 28,000 families to be evacuated and 158 killed, according to a survey of various social and political groups in Santa Fe.

“I am very surprised by the fact that the grounds (the draft submitted to the legislature) do not refer to the former governor’s political career and other stages. There is no mention of him being a former governor, nor was there any mention of a national senator. Only sports careers are mentioned. “If it is presented this month, in such a sensitive month for the thousands of Santa Fe residents who were affected in 2003, the truth is that it is an insult,” said Lopez Delzer.

One of the postcards left over from the 2003 Santa Fe flood
One of the postcards left over from the 2003 Santa Fe flood

For his part, the author of the project, Nicolas Mayoras, a recognized legal professional, expressed surprise at Lopez Delzer’s reaction: “The act of justice is to honor the people who excelled in discipline and represented the Santa Fe people of the world. And that merit, in this sport, [Reutemann] He deserved it and no one has the right to take it away. “Said.

He added: “Which Argentine denies the recognition that Maradona deserves for his outstanding art on the pitch? Thus, Lole also deserves the fair recognition of the Santa Fe people because of his huge career in motorsport. No other Santa Fe has made such a breakthrough in discipline and we are proud of this initiative. “I am sorry that there are political leaders who do not have enough openness to distinguish something so obvious,” he said.

Reactions continued. Cora Reitman (53), photographer and political scientist, Reitman’s eldest daughter and his first wife, Miimicha Bobio, In the social network worries that the purpose of guessing his father’s sports case has been distorted. “I am sorry that my father did not stay in Monaco and lived a quiet life surrounded by people who respect him. It’s unfortunate that he was left in Santa Fe, in his province, in my province, that he was constantly harassed, even by underground # non-transmitters“, – he emphasized.

Majoras had previously submitted a project to Santa Fe to establish April 12 as “Provincial Motor Sports Day,” which coincided with Reitman’s birthday.

Source: La Nacion