Read at a hearing in the European Parliament. But it’s a failure: only four people listen

Only four MEPs out of the 78 members of the European Parliament’s Committee on Industry, Research and Energy were present this morning to hear the report from Enrico Letta, the former leader of the Democratic Party accused by the European Commission under the previous Spanish rotating presidency with the drafting of a dossier on the future of the single market. The European parliamentarians who listened to Letta were two Italians, a Czech and a Finn: Patrizia Toia (Pd), Martina Dlabajovà (Renew, Czech Republic), Mauri Pekkarinen (Renew, Finland) and Elena Lizzi (Lega). The Chamber is practically deserted, although some other brave people can be seen, as staff, advisors, assistants and the public (as well as MEPs from other committees) can also help.

“I’m looking for the magic formula to relaunch the European single market,” said Letta in an interview with Le Soir in July. The report Letta is working on should be ready in March 2024, before the next European elections. Enrico Letta is not the only Italian, defeated in the national elections on September 25, 2022, to have received an EU mandate. We cannot forget Luigi Di Maio, European special representative in the Persian Gulf. The former head of M5S and Civic Engagement, as well as Draghi’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs, began his new activity last June.

Source: IL Tempo