Pensions, quota 103 for extension. Durigon rejoices: “Common sense solution”

Pensions, quota 103 for extension.  Durigon rejoices: “Common sense solution”

The League’s satisfaction with the government’s decision to extend quota 103 of early pensions also to 2024. The undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor and head of the Northern League’s Labor Department, Claudio Durigon, expressed the Northern League’s feelings about the choices made by the executive of center-right: “More than 50 thousand potential pensioners, greater flexibility in leaving the world of work, correction of some distortions in the Fornero law and attention to mothers. This is the result of the new quota 103, a solution towards which the center-right government is guided by the guiding star of common sense. Another step towards reaching quota 41 in the legislature.”

“The decision of the center-right government confirms the determination to overcome that Fornero law, which was not challenged by either the center-left or the unions with general strikes. Furthermore, the quota 104 that some media illustrated through the reading of projects never confirmed was not plausible because – explains Durigon, denying the vague reconstructions about the government’s choices made in recent days – it would slow down the path of true reform. For all these reasons, the League also expresses satisfaction with the excellent teamwork characterized by coherence, responsibility and the commitments made to voters”.

Source: IL Tempo