They are activating juries against the anti-corruption prosecutor who convicted Sergio Uribar.

They are activating juries against the anti-corruption prosecutor who convicted Sergio Uribar.

One week after the sentencing, an Entre Ríos judge opposed Cecilia Goineჩe, who asked the Supreme Court to suspend her political trial; Coordinates other cases against former officials

Entre Rios's anti-corruption prosecutor Cecilia Goineche
Entre Rios’s anti-corruption prosecutor Cecilia Goineche

after one week Conviction for corruption Former governor and former ambassador to Israel Sergio Uribari has been appointed by the Court of Justice of Entre Rios Well, that on May 2nd Jurors to release Provincial Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Cecilia GoinecheWho carried out this process against the former president of Entre Rios.

For this reason, Prosecutor Goineche, who was acquitted by a jury trial, He also appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice today To lift his suspension, it is a jury trial and a verdict appointing a co-judge as prosecutor. ad hoc At the prosecutor’s office you want to start.

Goineche told the court that a simple filing of his appeal had the effect of suspending it, so the jury, which convened for 15 days, could not be held.

In the politics of Entre Ríos, they relate to the fact that jurors went ahead in retaliation against Goineche.After Urribar’s conviction, he was one of the officials who facilitated the investigation into the causes of his corruption.

Sergio Uribar
Sergio Uribar

The prosecutor stated in his appearance before the court that His political trial is aimed at facilitating his performance as an anti-corruption prosecutor. At a time when “relevant corruption investigations involving the political power of the province, including the former governor of Entre Rოსos, Mr. Sergio Uribar” are at a crucial stage.

The prosecutor said in his briefing that the jury, which had set the date for the jury, had acted in his case “with obvious bias” and had conducted “a systematic violation of his rights of defense and due process”.

He noted that this was confirmed when he was denied the opportunity to present evidence and expand the case to a patriotic investigation into his assets that spans the last 20 years, even a few years before he was appointed prosecutor in 2006.

Goineche said the removal process “continues to move forward very quickly and steadily, despite the illegitimate integration of the prosecution body.” ი He emphasized that he had already appealed to four members of the jury alleging that they were acting in a biased manner in his case, outright hostility.Breach of secrecy due to pre-distribution of votes and sexist bias in the decision to start a jury trial, among other reasons, but these challenges were not rejected.

In addition, he questioned the fact that all prosecutors had withdrawn from the investigation of his case and that they were appointing a court associate judge (registration lawyer) as a temporary prosecutor, “with the most violations. The basic principles of the trial and its essential forms, the guarantee of a natural judge and the right of the accused and the trial by impartial bodies. “

For this reason, he asked the court to uphold his appeal and to suspend the proceedings urgently before the jury could decide on the procedures and composition which he had condemned as irregular.

Goineche is accused of not justifying himself in the case in which he was investigating a lawyer who was his wife’s partner.. The prosecutor argued that there was no need to back down as the situation was before the investigation was launched, but the process was moving forward to approve his political trial, which now has a start date.

This situation occurs at a time when Goineche was coordinating a team of prosecutors investigating Uribari. And that he is now doing so with the former governor’s son-in-law and other provincial officials accused of collecting money from legislature contracts allocated to public officials who have not received their salaries in full. The amount of fraud is being investigated $ 53 million.

Source: La Nacion