The maneuver puts everyone in agreement: ready for examination in the Senate

Draft time is over. 15 days after approval by the Council of Ministers, the budget law is ready for the Senate. And everyone in the majority claims victory after having called into question the “unity of points of view” claimed on October 16th by Giorgia Meloni at the press conference for the approval of the maneuver by the CDM that arrived “in record time”. In recent days, first the League and then Forza Italia have in fact placed their respective flags (changes obtained in pensions and dry tax on short-term rentals) in a text that will be substantially shielded in its parliamentary process. At the end of the majority summit chaired by the Prime Minister at Palazzo Chigi with deputies Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani, Mef owner Giancarlo Giorgetti and his deputy Maurizio Leo, undersecretaries Alfredo Mantovano and Giovanbattista Fazzolari, and centrists Lorenzo Cesa (UDC ) and Maurizio Lupi (We Moderates), the white smoke arrived with a note announcing the transmission of the text to the Senate «after the necessary writing and signature of authorization from the Head of State» and the will of the majority obliges it to proceed “swiftly” approval “without presenting changes”.

The one who won the victory at the last minute “for having obtained what he considered necessary” was Forza Italia, which turned up its nose at some “stains” present in the various drafts circulated. In particular, increasing the dry tax on short-term rentals to 26% was in the Azzurri’s sights. “When taxes go up, we don’t sleep at night”, commented the leader of the Forzista group in the Chamber, Paolo Barelli, before the majority summit. Summit that, ultimately, allows the party and its leader Antonio Tajani to express “satisfaction” with the agreement reached. In fact, a note reads, the FI «appreciated the acceptance of its requests, some of which will be included in the decree relating to the maneuver, already under analysis by Parliament». In particular, the creation of the National Identification Code (Cin), of mandatory use for short-term rentals and for offers through IT platforms, with the benefits obtained with the emergence (quantified in more than one billion) being intended to reduce the tax burden.

The fixed rate will then remain at 21% for the first apartment rented on a short-term basis, and only for the second (in the name of the same owner) will it increase to 26%. Finally, FI says it is also satisfied with Rai since “the Government took charge of analyzing the financing of public television to support the company’s three-year industrial plan to relaunch the company”. Interested but already satisfied spectator, Matteo Salvini’s League which, as recalled by the group’s leader in the Chamber Riccardo Molinari, «is satisfied with the agreement reached on the budgetary maneuver, because as we said there will be no forced withdrawal of the accounts and it is confirmed that the quota is 103, which increases the number of potential pensioners by 50 thousand units. It is confirmation that the League’s objective for the legislature continues to be to reach 41”. The text of the maneuver will reach the shielded Senate even if the government, highlights Palazzo Chigi, “pays a lot of attention to the parliamentary debate”.

Source: IL Tempo