What’s in the budget law: from VAT on diapers to rent and tax news

The center-right reaches an agreement, closing the entire agreement on the next budget law. The text, consisting of 109 articles, begins its process in the Senate without any changes. The coalition led by Giorgia Meloni wants to demonstrate solidity by rejecting cracks and frictions. Now let’s look at the important points: From pensions to rents, from reducing the tax wedge to facilitating hiring. What’s new in the text stamped by the State Accountant’s Office.

  • Pension
  • Rental with dry coupon
  • VAT on children’s products
  • tax wedge
  • Irpef
  • labor taxes
  • public contracts
  • money for health
  • Tax evasion
  • Richer “Dedicated to you” card
  • Mortgage for first home
  • Invoice bonus
  • Rai canon
  • Convenience for working mothers
  • Kindergarten bonuses
  • super jackpot
  • New Isee calculation
  • disaster insurance
  • Bridge over the Strait of Messina
  • Jubilee and tourism tax


Quota 103 returns but with corrections: You can retire early at age 62 and with 41 years of contribution, but the allowance will be calculated according to the rules of the bonus system according to the retirement rules in the final text. Exit windows are also getting longer: 7 months for private employees, 9 months for public employees. It is stated that in any case, the monthly allowance granted cannot be more than four times the minimum payment amount stipulated in the current legislation.

Full revaluation of pensions up to two thousand euros per month, 4 times the minimum amount; For those with a minimum of 4 to 5 times the gross amount of 500 euros, it remains at 85 percent, and for those with more than 10 times the gross amount of 500 euros, it drops to 22 percent from the previous 32 percent. Checks with a minimum value of 5-6 times are approved by 53%, checks with a minimum value of 6-8 times are approved by 47%, and checks with a value of 8-10 times are approved by 37%.

Rental with dry coupon

National Identity Code (Cin) is coming for short-term rentals. It was confirmed that this rate increased to 26 percent in the second to fourth residences rented for up to 30 days, while in the first one this rate remained at 21 percent.

VAT on children’s products

Stop the 5% VAT on children’s products. A provision in the budget increases the tax on diapers, powdered milk and sanitary pads to 10%. Car seats are back at 22%. The cut decided by the previous maneuver was therefore not approved. “It didn’t work, it didn’t have the effect we expected,” the Prime Minister said.

tax wedge

The cut in the 2024 tax wedge is the most expensive measure of the budget at $10 billion. It confirms the cut in social security for employees with income up to 35 thousand euros (excluding housework), excluding the thirteenth salary in 2024.


The first step of tax reform will come in 2024 with the unification of the first two Irpef rates. You will pay 23 percent of income up to 28 thousand euros gross per year, 35 percent for income between 28 thousand euros and 50 thousand euros, and 43 percent for income above 50 thousand euros. The reform is accompanied by a review of tax deductions, which neutralizes the reduction in Irpef for incomes above 50 thousand euros gross.

labor taxes

In 2024, a special additional treatment that does not contribute to income generation will be applied to those working in food and beverage administration businesses and those working in the tourism sector, including spa businesses, at the rate of 15% of the gross wages paid. regarding night work and overtime on public holidays.

public contracts

The fund for the renewal of public contracts will be increased by 3 billion in 2024 and 5 billion in 2025.

money for health

The National Health Fund will be increased by 3 billion for 2024, 4 billion for 2025, and 4.2 billion from 2026.

Tax evasion

Stopping sudden seizures of tax debtors, a hypothesis envisioned in early drafts. In order to ensure the “maximum efficiency of the collection activity” and prevent smuggling, the collection agent can take advantage of the telematic methods and IT tools of the application collaboration to obtain all the information necessary for the above-mentioned purpose, before starting the compulsory recovery action. , from all those held”.

There is also a push to combat tax evasion of domestic workers. “The Department of Revenue and INPS are expected to ensure full interoperability of databases for data exchange and analysis, also through the use of advanced digital technologies.”

Richer “Dedicated to you” card

The allocation of the “Special for You” card fund for the purchase of basic needs has been increased by 600 million euros for 2024.

Mortgage for first home

An additional 282 million euros were allocated to the First Housing Guarantee Fund for 2024.

Invoice bonus

The electricity social bonus allocation for the first quarter of next year amounts to $200 million. Article 4 of the maneuver text includes “Domestic customers with social electricity bonuses are granted an extraordinary contribution for the months of January, February and March 2024. Expenditure of 200 million liras in line with the stated purposes in the first period.” euro for 2024″.

Rai canon

Rai license fee has been reduced to 70 euros for 2024. “The company is recognized for its contribution of 430 million euros for 2024 to improve the quality of public radio, television and multimedia service across the national territory”.

Convenience for working mothers

Stop contributions for working mothers with at least 2 children. 100% tax reduction for all working mothers with at least two children, excluding domestic workers, up to a maximum of 3000 Euros per year, without any income limit. For mothers with two children, the benefit lasts until the youngest child turns 10, and for mothers with three or more children, until the youngest child’s 18th birthday.

Kindergarten bonuses

The nursery bonus increases next year for babies whose siblings are born under the age of 10. For families born from January 2024, with an ISEE of up to €40,000 and with at least one child under ten years of age, the increase in the nursery voucher is increased to €2,100. . For this purpose, the spending authority was increased by 240 million euros for 2024, 254 million euros for 2025, 300 million euros for 2026, 302 million euros for 2027, 304 million euros for 2028 and 300 million euros for 2026. 306 million euros annually starting from 2029.

super jackpot

Here’s the 110 percent squeeze on renovated properties. If the work is resold within ten years from completion, a capital gain of 26% will be calculated, taking into account the high value resulting from the renovation works, unless it is a first residence or an inherited property. Verification of cadastral income was also introduced. After the studies, the Revenue Administration will verify whether communication has been made for the purpose of calculating the new estimate.

New Isee calculation

In determining the equivalent economic situation indicator (Isee), government bonds with a total value of up to 50,000 euros and savings aggregation financial products whose repayment obligation is supported by a state guarantee are excluded.

disaster insurance

Companies with registered offices in Italy and companies with registered offices abroad in Italy are required to sign insurance contracts covering damages directly caused to immovable property and its contents, land and tangible capital goods, until 31 December 2024. natural disasters and catastrophic events occurring on national territory. By these we mean earthquakes, floods, landslides, floods and floods.

Bridge over the Strait of Messina

“To allow the final project of the Bridge over the Messina Strait to be approved by Cipess by 2024, pending the identification of further sources of financing,” we read in the text of the maneuver, the total expenditure being 11,630 million euros. . 780 million for 2024, 1.035 million for 2025, 1.300 million for 2026, 1.780 million for 2027, 1.885 million for 2028, 1.700 million for 2029, 1.430 million for 2030, 1.460 million for 2031 and 260 million for 2031 allowed to be done. 2032.

Higher tourist tax

In addition to the resources for the jubilee, Municipalities also have the opportunity to increase the tourism tax applied to hotel customers by up to 2 euros per night. It was allowed to spend 75 million euros in 2024 and 305 million euros in 2025 for the 2025 Jubilee celebrations of the Catholic Church and the planning and implementation of work and interventions for the event. There is a capital account intervention of 8 million euros for 2026, 50 million euros for 2024, 70 million euros for 2025 and 100 million euros for 2026. Jubilee adds that the tourism tax paid by those staying in municipal accommodation facilities can be increased by up to 2 euros per stay per night.

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Source: Today IT