Finance, Minister Giorgetti on the Maneuver: the less favored classes are privileged

Budgetary maneuver, the Minister of Economy emphasizes the importance of having found the right solution within the Meloni executive. Giorgetti focuses on attention dedicated to vulnerable groups. The discussion within the Government “to sift through the various requests, all legitimate” regarding the budget law “was not easy”. Thus the Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti, on Savings Day, explaining that it was decided to “give priority to supporting the less favored classes”.

The reference to public debt and the need to keep it under control is fundamental. «We must not underestimate the issue of high public debt, our weak point. After years of low interest rates and budget slippages, the alarm clock rang. More debt means more interest expenses, more spending means resources taken away from supporting families and businesses. The equation is simple, but not always clear enough for political and social actors.”

Source: IL Tempo