Rutte: Employers should raise wages if possible

The company asks employers if it is possible to pay higher wages. Prime Minister Rutte pointed out at the press conference after the cabinet meeting that many companies make high profits and the economy is in good shape. “So I think it’s a good employer to pass that on through wage increases,” says Rutte. Ministers Schouten and Van Gennip had used similar words before.

Rutte agreed that wages are a matter for employers and employees. But that does not alter the fact that the cabinet had an opinion,’ he said.

Unavoidable Tax Increases

According to Rutte, rising traditional salaries in addition to the ‘depreciation measures’ of the cabinet can help absorb inflation. The Prime Minister thinks the ’80s mentality’ applies too much, so the general view was that salary increases should be limited and that’s good for jobs. “But now we’re in a completely different movie,” said the prime minister.

Inflation has been rising sharply for months: inflation in the Netherlands has not been this high since 1976. In this video we explain what caused this sharp increase:

This week, the cabinet will discuss the spring memorandum with cabinet parties in the House of Representatives, which will result in setbacks worth billions of euros, among other things. The prime minister assumes that the eventual measures will include tax increases. “This is inevitable.”

Rutte also said that he would like to consult the opposition later and that they can do more than “replace dots and commas”. In this way, the cabinet wants to give more support to the measures: “Political wise, because we do not have a majority in the Senate.”

Source: NOS