Maneuver, Landini with the usual complaint: “The government ignores us, we go on strike”

Maurizio Landini, general secretary of the CGIL, only thinks about attacking the government. He reiterated this yesterday when speaking at the union’s general assembly in Turin. “We proclaimed the national strike together with the Uil because it is absolutely necessary to change this maneuver that does not respond to the problems people have today – he reiterated – and we will continue with this mobilization until we obtain results”. «There is a salary problem – he highlighted – the size of a house and here there are no resources to renew public employment contracts or to help with the renewal of private contracts. In the space of a few months we are talking about 10 million workers who have this problem.”

The lamentations against the government continue: “There is no real intervention against tax evasion and there is no serious intervention that addresses increasing wages, even through a real tax cut for employees and pensioners. Then there are cuts because health care is cut, schools are cut, municipalities will find themselves in a situation of cutting services and increasing taxes and all of this affects the world of work. Furthermore, precariousness increases: as in our country there are not only low wages, but also a level of precariousness that mainly affects young people and women and has no comparison in Europe, here they make laws that increase it with vouchers and the liberalization of fixed prices -term contracts”. Finally, the usual accusation against the executive of wanting to prohibit debate in the Chamber: «To date it seems to me that he reasoned without any discussion with the unions, because this maneuver did not see their involvement, and at the same time he sent a message that you don’t want any changes and therefore you also want to stop Parliament from doing its job.”

Source: IL Tempo