PvdA leaders beg for more cooperation with GroenLinks

PvdA personalities Frans Timmermans and Marjolein Moorman want their party to cooperate more intensively with GroenLinks. In an opinion piece of de Volkskrant they write that making a difference in the future is inevitable.

Timmermans and Moorman believe that a “breakthrough” from the left is an absolute necessity to tackle challenges such as the climate crisis, the war in Ukraine and growing inequality.

“You can only make such a breakthrough with united forces that believe in progress and solidarity. They write hand in hand. “We believe that more cooperation and even a link with GroenLinks could be this breakthrough.”

They point out that politics is also fragmented among left-wing parties. This, they say, threatens to thwart access to an open social and green path that will serve “conservative forces, immoral ‘managerialism’ and radical voices.”


The opinion piece by Timmermans and Moorman, days after party leader Lilianne Ploumen left. He announced on Tuesday that he would resign as political leader of the PvdA and as a member of parliament with immediate effect. He felt that the party leadership did not suit him.

Source: NOS