“Attacking a maneuver focused on work is crazy”, Conflavoro SMEs unmasks Cgil and Uil

“Attacking for the first time a maneuver focused on supporting work is truly incomprehensible. It can only be a political choice that is harmful to the government. testimony.” This is how Roberto Capobianco, national president of Conflavoro, judges the mobilization called by the CGIL and the UIL. “The maneuver allocates a predominant part of the resources to salaried work and increases the net wages of those who are at the center of the Italian productive system . instructions to the government to better meet the needs of companies and workers, but the blanket is short and the needs are many, so stating that correct decisions were not taken does not correspond to the reality of the facts”. “We ask the CGIL and the UIL to immediately cancel the strike and not create disruptions to the country, we ask them to work for the good and growth of workers and companies. It is not slogans and protests that are necessary – concludes Capobianco – but rather a pragmatic debate for a shared commitment, a calm discussion on realistic solutions for the development of the socioeconomic fabric”.

Source: IL Tempo