D66 assessed report on transgressive behavior by leading parties

The party bureau of D66 is going to reconsider an investigation into the cross-border behavior of a large party. De Volkskrant reports that a confidential part of the report has been kept secret by party leaders for more than a year.

A written statement said that the current administration “will evaluate with the utmost care the report, i.e. the report, which is the public and confidential part, to see if it can draw conclusions other than what has been done. before.”

The case revolves around Frans van Drimmelen, a well-known lobbyist and strategist of the D66 party. According to de Volkskrant, the confidential part of the report shows that he was indeed guilty of intimidation. He allegedly threatened and blackmailed an employee. He also states that the police have had an official warning conversation with him.

never public

Just before the elections to the House of Representatives in March last year, party leader Kaag said that the investigation had shown that there is no “structurally unsafe environment” within D66. This statement was based on the public portion of the report, but investigators have continued to request information in the meantime. His findings have never been made public.

The council now states that Kaag’s research agency, BING, “did not have access” to his confidential contribution to the report. According to the lawyer, this is not appropriate since Kaag was a lawyer at the time and not a client.

“Safe party for all”

Kaag repeats today that his party should be a safe party for everyone. “I therefore support the current board’s decision to take a fresh look at both parts of the report.” In De Volkskrant, four party members demand a new investigation, but that does not seem to be happening.

The current party board has not found any sexual harassment or abuse of office by Van Drimmelen in the BING investigation. The research agency confirms this again to the board today.

“This does not mean that there will be no undesirable or infringing behavior at that time,” the municipality said in a statement. The public part of the report states that discussions were held with the police, but this was not discussed further. This statement was in the secret section.

Office: results online

However, this section has only been shared with the parties involved, the then party chairman and party vice chairman, for confidentiality reasons. In the statement: “The privacy request and attempt did not come from D66. We respect that of course.”

Research firm BING says the results of the confidential portion of the report are in line with those of the public. There was no question of sexual intimidation or abuse of power by Van Drimmelen. D66 has also asked the bureau to investigate this. According to BING, the story of de Volkskrant is about tracking.

Source: NOS