“Growing employment”. Minister Giorgetti: Italy goes against the trend

Giancarlo Giorgetti satisfied with Italy’s numbers in the labor and employment sector. «In a context of general global slowdown, our system continues to create jobs in a stable manner. Employment continues to grow, as data from September also show, with an increase of 42 thousand units compared to the previous month, making the global number of employed people correspond to an employment rate of 61.7%. However, the good performance of the labor market contrasts with the evolution of real wages, also due to the non-renewal of contracts in several sectors that evidently were unable to keep up with inflation. Although the most recent data shows a tendency for inflation to slow down at the price level, it remains high.” Giancarlo Giorgetti, Minister of Economy and Finance, stated this before the joint Budget Committees of the Chamber and the Senate.

The Minister of Economy also addresses the issue of reducing the tax burden: «It is an intervention that the Government considers fundamental to support the income and consumption of workers, particularly those with lower incomes, who have suffered a significant loss of power. purchase is attributable both to the prolonged inflationary phase and to the non-renewal of employment contracts in several productive sectors. Faced with such inconveniences, the State cannot remain indifferent but, on the contrary, must work to safeguard stability and social cohesion. We also believe that this support can help mitigate salary pressures.” This is what the Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti, said in a hearing before the Senate and Chamber Budget committees about the maneuver.

Source: IL Tempo